An Interview with @PhotoBossBali aka Luke Cromwell

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We recently chatted to Welshman now living in Bali, Luke Cromwell, who you might have seen on Insta under the handle @PhotoBossBali – and if you haven’t seen his work yet, do yourself a favour and head over to Instagram (once you’ve read this interview of course).

All photos used in this article are owned by Luke

Luke Cromwell @PhotoBossBali

Hey Luke, thanks for taking the time to chat to us. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you ended up living in Bali?

“I’m from a small fishing village called Tenby in South Wales. I Grew up surfing around the Welsh coastline and worked with my brothers in the fishing industry to help fund my surf travels.

My first surf trip to Bali was with the British Team in 1998 then after gaining my captains license in 2008 I was offered work running a surf charter boat in the Mentawai Islands and then I moved to Bali in 2012.

I am currently running a surf charter boat called The Pelagic but I have been lucky enough to run trips on Tengirri and the Indies trader 4.”

Harry Cromwell in the tube

Luke’s brother Harry enjoying himself in Indo

Do you remember the first time you picked up a waterproof camera and took it out into the surf? Talk a little bit about that for us.

“I started shooting surf photographs in 2017 while working on the surf charters.

It started off as a bit of fun, but when COVID-19 shut the surf charters down I started taking things more seriously.

I was lucky enough to get a few cover shots in 2020 and 2021 and then did some commercial work for GoPro, Insta 360 through that Covid period. It’s just continued from there really.”

Mentawai Tube

Where’s your favourite spot to shoot, and favourite spot to surf in or around Bali?

“When I’m in Bali I spend most of my time shooting photographs and not surfing so much.

I usually try and stay away from the crowds and find waves away from the most popular spots. Most my time surfing is out in the Mentawai’s when I’m running the surf charters.”

Luke Cromwell @PhotoBossBali

What tips do you have for someone looking to get into surf photography?

“Do it for the love and not for a living.

Some guys are very successful but its hard to compete with the top guys. It’s a long game and you’ve got to be willing to put the hard yards in.”

Bingin beach, Bali

What’s your go-to setup for shooting in the water?

“I shot still images with Canon for years but now more people are into video. Because of that, I’ve recently moved over to Panasonic equipment.

I’ve still got the Canon gear, and I still enjoy shooting with the GoPro on certain days.”

Keramas, Bali

What is it like for a Welshman living full time in Bali – how is the culture / language / lifestyle? And is there anything you miss from home? 

“I’m super stoked to be living and working in Indonesia, but it’s not all easy going. From the Instagram World people might think its all Bintangs and barrels but that’s not always the case.

Plenty of things I miss from home, Sunday roasts and log fires, having a few beers with the boys has to be up there, close to missing friends and family.”

Luke Cromwell @PhotoBossBali

What tips would you give someone looking to head to Bali / Indo on a surf trip for the first time? 

“Get your travel insurance and travel light.

Bring some good antibiotics and a spare cash card, and then get most of your supplies here in Bali. Boards and gear is cheap out here, so it’s easy enough to get what you need once you arrive.

If you’re doing a boat trip then have a look at our checklist on our PhotoBossBali website.”


Thanks for your time Luke! Where can people find you on the internet and do you sell prints of your photos?

“You’re welcome, thanks for the chat! 

All of our work is displayed on our website where we try to provide valuable information for anyone planning a trip to Indo.

You can check out our gallery of images which are for sale here, and people can also have a look at at our new

YouTube channel where we’ll be posting regular videos through 2023.

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